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WGA Open Hall of Infamy

Qualifications for the Western Golf Alliance Hall of Fame are strict! An individual must either a) win the WGA Open, or b) qualify for at least two WGA Opens and post at least one top-8 finish. These men have qualified to have their proficiency memorialized for posterity sake. For most, of course, "proficiency" probably isn't the correct word. All of the "bios" for these individuals are at least partially true. Click on the photos for an inspirational audio excerpt from each inductees acceptance speech:
Doug "Short Game" Atchison
Best WGA Open Finish: 4th (2008)
WGA Highlight: Successfully won
three hands of blackjack in less than
two hours at the casino (2004)
An internationally renouned
movie director and member of the
Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences, Doug can be seen
regularly around Hollywood.

Peter "Mr. Sandman" McGarry
Best WGA Open Finish: 1st ('04, '08, '16)
WGA Highlight: Lead wire-to-wire
and got a net birdie on 72nd
hole to take the title (2004)
As a healthcare director well-
connected within the Democratic
National Committee, Peter has
direct influence regarding Oregon
State's drug management policies.

Brian "Bam Bam" Gray
Best WGA Open Finish: 1st ('02,'06,'10,'14,
'18, '20)
WGA Highlight: Eagle at par 5
#14 at Salishan to become first
ever WGA Open champ (2002)
After flunking out of the French
Culinary Institute, Brian has found
a rather less rewarding career as a
doctor in poverty-stricken Orange
County, California.

Robert "Stiff Shaft" Gibson
Best WGA Open Finish: 2nd (2006)
WGA Highlight: Managed to insult two
different bartenders - at two different
bars - in a 15 minute span (2008)
Unable to make a living wage
working as a caricature sketcher in a
traveling carnival, Robert passed the
California bar and is now a partner
in his own law firm.

Trever "Stymied" Esko
Best WGA Open Finish: 1st (2012)
WGA Highlight: Posted two birdies
on the epic #7 at Pebble Beach
to power his victory (2012)
After officially leaving "the agency" in
2001 for "health related" reasons,
Trever now spends his time
"contracting" on "special projects"
for various "government entities".

Other Hall of Fame Features
Jeff "Sir Hooksalot" Hughes
Best WGA Open Finish: 8th ('06, '08)
WGA Highlight: Hit runner-runner 5s to make a full house and beat Brian in a hand of Texas Hold-Em (2006)
Since retiring from professional
baseball, Jeff has dedicated his life to
furthering the scientific community's
understanding in the fields of inertia
and the first law of thermodynamics.

Mark "Snowman" Taylor
Best WGA Open Finish: 3rd (2004)
WGA Highlight: Unfortunately, had to
convince everyone that the term for
9-over-par on a hole is a "vulture" (2012)
As a clasically trained pianist, Mark
changed careers - mostly because he
was tired of people mispronouncing
"pianist" - and now is a key government
official for a municipal SoCal government.

Mark "Rule Book" Herms
Best WGA Open Finish: 4th (2012)
WGA Highlight: Had the "honor" of
being the first WGA member to have
their clubs lost during travel (2008)
When not using his "tools" to
measure the length of 2x4s, Mark
does volunteer work at shelters
in the LA area that cater to women
who haven't met Tiger Woods.

Mike "The Sommelier" Contois
Best WGA Open Finish: 8th (2012)
WGA Highlight: Ordered a bottle of
french wine at an Oregon restaurant
without getting thrown out (2008)
Once considered a top cruiser-weight
contender as a professional boxer, Mike
now focuses on convincing customers that
New England Patriot themed curtains are
perfect for a formal living room.

Bob "Free Drop" McCoy
Best WGA Open Finish: 4th (2014)
WGA Highlight: Correctly used the
word "homogeneous" in a sentence
without anyone laughing (2008)
As a successful surgeon in Southern
California, Bob had been focusing his free
time on chasing his childhood dream of joining the Sr Pro SurfingTour, at least
until he learned there was no such thing.

Mike "Tight Lie" Nadon
Best WGA Open Finish: 2nd (2018)
WGA Highlight: Lectured a barmaid for 2 hours on the difference between Canadian whiskey and American bourbon (2014)
Um ... the guy's retired ... what are we
supposed to say about a guy who does
absolutely nothing all day except play golf
during the 35 days of summer up in the
Great White North?

Doug "The Manager" Brunton
Best WGA Open Finish: 3rd (2016)
WGA Highlight: Came up with four
different ways to pronounce "about" in
the same sentence (2012)
Formerly the operational wizard behind
several 1980's savings and loans, Doug now
leads professional consulting services
delivered to all the major corporations in
Alberta, Canada.

Keeping It Long and Straight Since 2002
Norm "Mister Six" Keen
Best WGA Open Finish: 7th (2018)
WGA Highlight: Got chided by the Pronghorn
caddie for hitting the wrong direction, before
he realized Norm was left handed (2014)
A leader in the golf course hospitality industry, Norm slipped quietly into "semi retirement" in order to pursue his goals associated with the commercial production (or consumption) of exotic dark rums.