August 7-10      Bandon Dunes Resort
Region C, Sequoia Dunes
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The 2008 WGA Open will forever be remembered as the time we brought our championship to the one of the most spectacular golf destinations on the west coast, the Bandon Dunes Resort. The 2008 Open featured good competition, the largest field in the history of the event, and postcard-perfect weather, played at all three resort courses.

When the dust had settled, Peter McGarry (pictured above, hitting a massive drive on the 16th hole at Bandon Dunes) had earned the Coveted Pewter Mug, the accolades of the Western Golf Alliance members, the enduring respect of small children, and an audience with Pope Benedict XVI.

Photo Gallery:
Final Standings Top 3:
Peter McGarry - 280
Brian Gray - 286
Trever Esko - 287

Other with Exemptions:
Doug Atchison
Robert Gibson
Robert McCoy
Mark Herms
Jeff Hughes
Mike Contois
Phil Gray
Jeff Braun

Starting Day 1 - Jeff, Robert, and Jeff tee off.Brian looks to hit his drive over the "water hazard".A foursome posing on the tee of the dreaded #12 at Bandon Dunes.Jeff B hits a great "out" from a deep bunker.Trever claims the early lead and the Golden Hat of Honor.Part of the group grabs coffee before Day 2 on the first tee of Bandon Trails.Get in the hole!!!!The WGA "Founders" shot - Trever, Brian, Peter.The wheels start to come off as Trever can't deal with the pressure of leading.Doug hits his drive with the Pacific in the background.Jeff H hits a perfect iron into this par 3.Robert G hits a good drive and avoids the cliffs on the left.Jeff B ponders his fate.OK Sooner Jeff H loses the hole and is forced to flash a "hook em horns".Day 4 starts - Peter, Adam, Trever, Doug, Brian.Robert, Jeff B, Jeff H (and caddies).Trever has lost the lead, but is ready to rip a drive.Doug successfully gouges his way out of trouble.Round 4 leader Peter gets into (very little) trouble.Official videographer Adam keeps up with the action.Nice putt, Alice!Jeff B was SUPPOSED to be wearing the Pink Hat of Shame!!A triumphan Peter claims the Coveted Pewter Mug!