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The 2010
Western Golf
Alliance Open

August 4-8

Las Vegas
Region H
The Final Top 3
B. Gray
T. Esko
S. D. Smith

Others with Exemptions
D. Duval
J. Daly
J. Timberlake
M. Jordan
P. McGarry
E. Woods
"Big Guy"
D. Atchison
"Big Al"

C. Barkley

The Official Photos
The Meeting & Lodging
With all the golf world watching, the 2010 Western Golf Alliance Open took its rightful place in history as one of the greatest and most exciting golf events of the early 21st century. With the leaders tied after three and a half rounds of outstanding golf played in blistering heat and gale force wind, Brian Gray (pictured above) went 3-under over the final seven holes to become the first three-time winner of the Coveted Pewter Mug.
Day 1: "Big Guy" shows up wearing a pink hat, knowing his fate for the event.Day 1: Steven Smith gets the morning rounds started.Day 1: Brian launches one down the middle.Day 1: Doug keeps is safe and in the short grass.Day 1: Trever ... not so much.Day 1: JT on the first tee and looking ready to go.Day 1: Playing target golf over the desert.Day 1: Steven looks to avoid the hazards.Day 1: Brian, however, finds a bunker.Day 1: Doug, on the other hand, finds something a lot worse than a bunker.Day 1: Next verse, same as first.Day 1: After a long front 9, Mike and JT are ready for the back side.Day 1: Brian keeps it long and straight.Day 1: Staring it down.Day 1: The "Big Guy" just misses a tricky putt.Day 1: We're sorry, big guy, were we talking while you were putting?Day 2: The fivesome ready to go on the first tee at Wolf Creek.Day 2: Big Guy gets an early start because he knows he needs the range time!Day 2: Peter getting ready to clear the chasm on #2.Day 2: And he lets it fly!Day 2: Trever attempts the same thing, with a less rewarding result.Day 2: Brian takes dead aim at a green.Day 2: What are the chances of hitting this par 3?Day 2: JD shows off some power at Wolf Creek.Day 2: Just like everyone else, "Double D" struggled at Wolf Creek.Day 2: Throughout the day, Brian is the only one holding his game together.Day 2: Well below the putting surface!Day 2: Golf lesson 101 - when you don't know where the ball went, hold your pose like you know what you're doing.Day 2: Doug is ready to launch.Day 2: And there it goes (good job remembering "lesson 101").Day 2: Steven takes dead aim at #15.Day 2: As does Brian ...Day 2: ... and Peter.Day 2: Brian was on a mountaintop all day.Day 2: At the last - Trever is locked and loaded on #18.Day 2: Steven is left with a classic Wolf Creek approach shot.Day 2: Looks like he's got about an 8 iron.Day 2: Flirting with the hazard.Day 2: Now for the shot of the tournament - Peter, from the cliff, outta the bush, off the cart path, through the fringe, down the green, inside 5 feet.Day 2: And THAT'S how we do it in the Alpha Male!Day 3: Getting things started at Paiute Resort, Wolf.Day 3: We have a new leader - Brian in the Golden Hat of Honor.Day 3: JT shows some good form at Paiute.Day 3: Steven carves one out of the rough.Day 3: JD acknowledges as small gallery during the third round.Day 3: Doug takes aim from the fairway.Day 3: The technology challenged Brian tries to figure out how to use this new-fangled camera thingy.Day 3: You da man!!!Day 3: Getting ready to poke another drive into the gale force wind.Day 3: Chuck takes a big swing, before the facts about his wedge grooves came to light.Day 3: Holding the pose.Day 3: Doug holding his head up high in the Pink Hat of Shame.Day 3: Peter rolling one in for birdie.Day 3: Hacking one out of the deep stuff.Day 3: Trever goes pin seeking at the island green 15th!Day 3: Steven is looking for some dry land.Day 3: Doug won't be as lucky.Day 3: For the birdie on #15 ... no, it didn't fall.Day 3: "I make this look good."Day 3: Hitting an approach from the deep stuff.Day 3: Hitting an approach from the not-so-deep stuff.Day 3: And another, but this time a great out from a fairway bunker.Day 4: A ways back in the field, Mike and Eldrick are paired up for the final round.Day 4: Doug putting for ... well, let's not say what he's putting for.Day 4: This outfit means business on the final day of the WGA Open!Day 4: Doug from the rough.Day 4: The determined face of a person looking to get back into the hunt.Day 4: You da man!Day 4: From the long fairway bunker on #18.Day 4: I guess Doug liked the result.Day 4: Double D gives a wave as he comes up the fairway at the 72nd hole.Brian receives the Coveted Pewter Mug from the prior champion.Victory always tastes so sweet!Remember, it's ALL about the hardware!!
The Great Courses