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Official Tournament Photos

Top 3
Brian Gray
Dylan McCoy
Mike Nadon

Others Earning Exemptions
Bob McCoy
Trever Esko
David Duval
Doug Brunton
Peter McGarry
Doug Atchison
Norm Keen
"Big Al"

August 7-10
Region D
Other Oregon

The Western
Golf Alliance
Open 2014

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The Biennial Meeting

The Golf

The Once and Future WGA Open Champion

Brian Gray reclaimed the WGA Open championship for the fourth time, thanks to an amazing start to his second round. Starting that second round in fifth place, Gray shot GROSS birdie-birdie-birdie-eagle at the Pronghorn Resort Nicklaus course. From that moment on, he was either tied for or alone in the lead for the rest of the tournament. However, the tournament remained close - he held only a 1 stroke lead and there were four total players within six strokes of the lead when the final round began - but in windy conditions others couldn't keep pace.

Day 1: THIS is what determined WGA members look like!Day 1: Doug A looking for the fairway.Day 1: Brian having some minor putting problems early.Day 1: From 'position a' Doug A fires at the green.Day 1: Defending champ Trever is locked and loaded to defend his title.Day 1: Peter avoided the water and left himself with a short iron to the green.Day 1: Playing at Crosswater, Peter tees off with the mountains in view.Day 1: Doug A does the same.Day 1: Peter holding his nice high finish.Day 2: Brian gets himself into a lot of trouble on the 18th hole.Day 2: The first group out looks confident standing on the first tee at Pronghorn Nicklaus.Day 2: The second group is ready to step up and chase the leaders.Day 2: Norm tries to figure out ... where this drive might be going.Day 2: Doug B gets all of that one!Day 2: You know the greens are tough when you aim your 4 foot putt a good foot outside the hole.Day 2: Brian and Mike pause to celebrate Brian's birdie-birdie-birdie-eagle start to the round.Day 2: Um, Norm ... you're standing on the wrong side of the ball.Day 2: Mike barely avoids the rough stuff.Day 2: Mike, Brian and Peter at the signature hole waterfall.Day 2: Mike demonstrates some ... interesting ... technique from the bush.Day 2: But what a result - Mike putting for the par save!Day 2: After a long day of golf in Bend OR, THIS is how you relax!Day 2: Of course, Norm demonstrates an alternate way to relax after golf.Day 3: The group gets ready to take on The Woodlands course.Day 3: Ditto.Day 3: Tied for the lead, Brian and Trever are paired together for the round.Day 3: Take a lesson from Miguel Jiménez, this is how the leaders warm up!Day 3: Bob is ready to keep it long and straight off the first tee.Day 3: BOOM there it is!!Day 3: Lurking in 3rd place, Dylan is looking to make a moving day move.Day 3: Doug A trying to get out of trouble.Day 3: Next verse, same as first.Day 3: Doug B wants to stick this close to the pin.Day 3: Doug A uses the putter from just off the green.Day 3: Of course, Doug A would REALLY like to make the close putts.Day 3: Doug B looking to save a tough par putt.Day 3: Doug A with an iron in hand.Day 3: Doug B too.Day 3: Ok, let's see if Doug A can drop this putt ...Day 3: ... it's looking good ...Day 3: ... YATZEE!!Day 3: This is yet another way to relax after a day of golf.Day 4: Inspired, most of those in the hunt try the Jiménez warm-up method.Day 4: From the "things you can't unsee" department.Day 4: Undestracted by such antics, Dylan is ready to challenge for the title.Day 4: Mike faces a long putt.Day 4: Brian doing just enough to keep himself even for the day.Day 4: The vistas are ALWAYS great that the WGA Open courses.Day 4: Dylan holds his pose.Day 4: Brian fighting to hang on.Day 4: This is what it looks like when the defending champ blows up during the final round.Day 4: Brian proudly accepts the Coveted Pewter Mug from Trever.Epilogue 1: The sun goes down on yet another WGA Open.Epilogue 2: This his what medial epicondylitis looks like three days later.