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Top 3
Peter McGarry
Brian Gray
Doug Brunton

Others Earning Exemptions
Trever Esko
Mike Nadon
David Duval
Doug Atchison
Mark Taylor
Rick Hall
"Big Al"

During the first two days, McGarry opened up a sizable lead during tough competition with high winds and brutal pin positions. From there, he ran into multiple problems and struggled throughout, but did enough to easily coast to victory and win the 2016 Western Golf Alliance Open

The Logding

The Biennial Meeting

The Golf

The Western Golf Alliance Open 2016
May 18-22
Region H, Arizona Unlimited
Holding On in the Desert
Peter McGarry Gets a Big Lead and Coasts in to Win the Open

Day 0: Champion Brian Gray arrives to defend his title.Day 0: The Biennial Meeting at McFate BrewingDay 0: No commentDay 0: Um ... ditto.Day 0: Everyone hanging out with more beer to ensure proper hydration for the impending competition.Day 1: Mike and Trever are ready to go!!Day 1: Maybe Mike and Trever aren't quite ready to go ...Day 1: Defending Champ Brian is locked and loaded to get things going.Day 1: Peter in the lead, searching for a wayward approachDay 1: This is how the leader gets creative about his recovery shot.Day 1: Success!!Day 1: Doug A and Peter, the native Arizonians.Day 1: Trever looking not-at-all intimidated by a 220 yard par 3 at WeKoPa Saguaro.Day 1: He probably SHOULD have been intimidated.Day 1: Mike gives it a go nextDay 1: Of course, Brian is hitting about a 6 ironDay 1: Doug A needs his recovery from the desert to GO!Day 1: I can't even tell who that is.Day 1: DittoDay 1: But that's Trever again, wandering in the desert, and NOT because he's Kwai Chang CaineDay 1: This is what it looks like when the leader is draining 20 foot putts.Day 1: Yes, 67% of the field ended up in THIS one bunker on #9Day 1: Doug B fires out firstDay 1: Doub A goes secondDay 1: And Peter goes thirdDay 1: Let's see ... carry the 9 ... divide by Pi ...Day 2: The 'field' is ready to go at GrayhawkDay 2: Yes, Peter, the hats have been reassigned and we know who's leading.Day 2: And yes ... we know who's in last, too.Day 2: Doug A gets the action underway.Day 2: Brian is super-impressed by Trever's impending drive.Day 2: Playing through!!Day 2: Brian wisely takes a putter from just off of Grayhawk's brutal greens.Day 2: Just guessing based on the odds, but this is someone getting out of a deep greenside bunker.Day 2: And FINALLY the poker game breaks out.Day 3: It's a good sign that everyone is still fresh enough to warm up at TPC ScottsdaleDay 3: Once again, ready to tee off on #1Day 3: Still the leader, here is one view of the trouble Peter would be in often today.Day 3: And here's another view of the same shot.Day 3: Frat brothers on the tee at "the stadium" hole #16Day 3: Yet again another tough moment for the leaderDay 3: Peter taking the shot to save bogie.Day 4: Sunrise on a traditionally early final day at WeKoPa CholllaDay 4: Standing on the tee - not a lot of warmup on Day 4Day 4: Trever, wishing he had warmed up.Day 4: Doug A, ditto.Day 4: Looking down at Mike, Doug B and Mark.Day 4: Mike takes a mighty whack.Day 4: Doug B, en route to shooting the second best NET round in WGA Open HISTORY!!Day 4: Doug A looking to get up and down for par from the fringe.Day 4: You make an eagle on the 72nd hole, you get a photo of you taking the ball out out the hole.And Brian hands over the Coveted Pewter Mug to Champion Peter McGarry.