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Top 3
Brian Gray
Mike Nadon
Trever Esko

Others Earning Exemptions
Doug Brunton
Peter McGarry
David Duval
Doug Atchison
Norm Keen
Byron Osuku
Mark Taylor
"Big Al"

The Logding

The Biennial Meeting

The 2018 WGA Open was a story of great play at altitude and in the heat (and forest fire smoke) of the Canadian Rockies. Three rounds were played in temperatures over 38 degrees C (100 degrees F), and all the courses involved massive vistas along cliffs and rivers. Pictured above surveying his domain, Brian Gray shot the best NET score in event history, while runner-up Mike Nadon shot the second best NET score in history.
The Western Golf Alliance Open 2018
August 8-12
Region I
Directors' Choice
The Golf

Gray Dominates with Record Setting Performance
It's a sad state of affairs when the defending champ's clubs fail to arrive!Day 0: Four members hit Coeur d' Alene to tune up en route to the eventChecking out the lodgingEveryone making their way to the Biennial MeetingWe have our Canadian beer ... now where's the grub?!Returned from the meeting ... who's ready to keep it long and straight tomorrow??Day 1: On the first tee at Bootleg Gap and ready to goDay 1: Defending champ Peter gets things off and runningDay 1: Byron hits the ball backwards (oh ... he's left handed)Day 1: Mike demonstrates that - unique - technique that will keep in in contention all weekDay 1: Mike and Mark at the downhill par 3Day 1: Adding Brian to the mixDay 1: Doug A is locked and loadedDay 1: Doug A, ready to play it againDay 1: Doug A playing an aggressive line to get out of the woods (BTW he made it!!)Day 1: Byron takes dead aim on an approach shotDay 1: Byron demonstrates an interesting pose on his follow-throughDay 1: Doug A attacks a par 3 from an elevated teeDay 1: Byron does the sameAlright everyone ... time for last place Mark in the Pink Hat of Shame to organize a little friendly poker!Day 2: Peter takes his shot from the middle of the fairwayDay 2: Mark looking to get out of the shite at St Eugene'sDay 2: Peter takes dead aim over the bunkerDay 2: Um ... I think this is the same swing from 2-4 photos agoDay 2: Doug A strokes one at the greenDay 2: Trever and Doug B waiting their turn on the teeDay 2: Mark gets ready to hit his pitch shotDay 2: And there's Mark's pitchDay 2: Doug A is NOT in a very good situationDay 2: Meanwhile, Mark finally gets a look from the fairwayDay 2: Hold the pose, Doug ADay 2: That's more like it ... Mark in the woodsDay 2: And that's a look from even deeper in the woods for MarkWho has two thumbs and is leading after round 2? This guy!!After a tough round, time for some adult beverages and grilled animal fleshOld friends getting to hang out!!DittoDay 3: Mike and Byron contemplate their impending fates at Shadow MountainDay 3: Peter, Mike, and Trever show one of the majestic elevated tees at Shadow Mountain (#15)Day 3: Trever tries to play a wood off the deck.Day 3: Peter drains a key par puttDay 3: Great moment caught on film - Mike gets a birdie by a) hooking a drive, b) duffing his second shot, c) holing out this shot from 110 yardsDay 3: Either this is an optical illusion, or Trever has a REALLY fast takeawayDay 3: Mike is scared this putt might missDay 3: However, Norm is confident in making his puttDay 3: Mike on the tee, locked and loadedDay 3: Trever takes dead aim from the fairwayDay 3: Peter prepares for another uncomfortable-length par puttDay 3: Near the end, Peter, Mike, and Trever on another awesome elevated tee (#17)Heading home we see a typical Kimberley BC resident in their yardPeter knows he'll be surrending the Coveted Pewter Mug, so gets one last useHow did Doug B get convinced to wear this hat?!?Day 4: The sun rises on a smoke-filtered day at Trickle CreekDay 4: A sign you don't often see at a golf courseDay 4: Here we go ... everyone ready for the final roundDay 4: Tournament leader Brian takes a conservative iron on the #1 teeDay 4: Mark playing from dangerously close to a lot of hazardsDay 4: Just ahead of him, Trever is in one of those hazardsDay 4: Doug B looking to make a birdie and get into striking distance of 3rd placeDay 4: Later, Doug B makes this tricky short parDay 4: Mark, Brian, and Trever looking down on the #11 greenDay 4: Norm looking to make a tough up-and-downDay 4: Once on the green, Norm has a lot of work to do on this par puttDay 4: Doug B from the green-light-special position to attack this pinDay 4: Feeling comfortable with his lead, Brian takes a well deserved breakThe typical Canadian gallery looks on greenside at 72nd holeBrian claims the hardware ... the Coveted Pewter Mug!!The Coveted Pewter Mug, as it was always meant to be used after the victory!