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Official Tournament Photos
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Top 3
Brian Gray
Andy Connor
Peter McGarry

Others Earning Exemptions
Trever Esko
David Duval
Dave VanNoy
Rob Hughes
"Big Al"

Place 2-4 Photos of Winner

Scrambling to the Win
When COVID-19 took over the world and we had to scramble to relocated the WGA Open because California returned to lockdown status, Brian Gray scrambled his way to a hard-faught victory over through the red-rock landscape of St. George, Utah.

The Golf

The Western Golf Alliance Open 2020
September 16-20
Region I
Director's Choice

The Biennial Meeting

The Lodging

Day 0: At the airport with masks, ready for the adventureDay 0: Rob shows of the accomodations at the Entrada "casitas"Day 0: Yes, we're getting in some drinks before the biennial meetingDay 0: Everyone - including the Coveted Pewter Mug - has on their masks for the biennial meetingDay 0: Can Brian hit Rob's wedge from the lawn to land inside the lights of the fountain? Why yes ... yes he canDay 0: Event rookies Andy and Rob getting their final night's prep done before the big dayDay 1: Defending champ Brian is up and ready to goDay 1: On the first tee, everyone is prepared for what lies ahead at Sand HollowDay 1: Defending champ Brian gets the event under wayDay 1: On the tee, Trever demonstrates his ... NOT so classic ... follow-throughDay 1: Event rookie Dave is about to keep it long and straightDay 1: Andy and Rob decide not to have their tee shots memorialized on filmDay 1: Due to COVID, the first tee gallary is much smaller than is the norm for the WGA OpenDay 1: Rob, Andy and Dave organize their short games around the 2nd greenDay 1: Peter does an admiral job extricating himself from a fairway bunkerDay 1: Interesting, two cameras both captured this shot from different angles but at the exact same moment (note ball location)Day 1: Dave is not so fortunate with his lie in a red-sand fairway bunkerDay 1: Birdie time means ... FIREBALL!Day 1: Brian knows that the perfect takeaway position is when your club shaft is parallel to the background mesaDay 1: Playing well, Andy takes dead aim for his drive on #9Day 1: Rob, Andy and Dave awaiting their turn to attack the Par 3 11thDay 1: Up ahead, Trever, Brian and Peter are occupied negotiating the tricky 11th greenDay 1: The moment everyone awaits at Sand Hollow ... the beginning of the cliffside holes, starting with the 12th teeDay 1: Proper stretching is important before hitting a critical driveDay 1: The official 2020 "Founders Photo" ... Peter, Trever and Brian at the Sand Hollow cliffsDay 1: Brian rips his drive on #12Day 1: Peter ... well, not 'rips', but hits his drive down the middle on #12Day 1: Trever takes dead aim at the center of the fairwayDay 1: Rob, Andy and Dave take in the awesome view on the 12th teeDay 1: Onto #13, Trever keeps his drive in the short grassDay 1: Andy's turn on #13Day 1: Rob apparently commemorates the moment Andy asked to take his mulligan on #13Day 1: Trever stares down his approach on #17 ... as if that will helpDay 1: Again from a tough red-sand bunker, Peter attempts a difficult approachDay 1: A quick moment to relax between shots for Peter and TreverDay 1: And when the dust settles, the first-round leader is ... Rob!Day 1: Starting the tradition of taking the post-round photos in front of this painting while holding Brian's backup putter ... for no reason whatsoverDay 1: Dave models the Pink Hat of Shame as he is now in last placeDay 2: And now ... it is time for the infamous Wolf Creek!!Day 2: Note that, for some reason, Peter has decided to tee off on the openning par 5 with his gap wedgeDay 2: The leader Rob ... has NO idea what he's in for todayDay 2: Time to pay attention, as this is the tee box for #2, intimidating even from the whitesDay 2: Rob is locked and loaded on #2, and ...Day 2: OH he got all of that one!!Day 2: Dave wants one of his bigger drives on this long par 5Day 2: That looks pretty good coming off the clubDay 2: The par 3 8th is tough no matter where you tee fromDay 2: Trever and Rob contemplate their fates on the teeDay 2: Trever hits his mulligan on the picturesque #14Day 2: Who birdied the 1st, shot net under par at Wolf Creek, and now leads the WGA Open? Andy!Day 2: Andy leads, and Rob has dropped from first to last in a matter of 5 hoursDay 3: Some combatants prepare on the practice greenDay 3: Like we really think this is gonna help at this pointDay 3: Leader Andy, in A golden hat, hits his approachDay 3: Um ... that's a LOT of sod flying through the air, AndyDay 3: Let's try that again, AndyDay 3: MUCH betterDay 3: In second place, Brian negotiates along the water hazardDay 3: In worse-than-second place, Trever negotiations along the cart pathDay 3: Um ... I don't see any possible way this shot by Dave can go wrongDay 3: Rob, Peter and Dave celebrate arriving at the "lava triangle" holes at EntradaDay 3: The joys of a WGA Open ... randomly guessing at blind landing areas at courses you've never even seen beforeDay 3: Um ... I don't see any way this shot by Trever can go wrongDay 3: It's always a bad sign when someone is looking for a ball along the rocksDay 3: At the end of the day, the first and last place remain the same ... Andy and RobDay 4: The group is so tired, this is the closest we came to a group photo ... Rob and Andy on the 13th teeDay 4: Peter hits a good one with the copper cliffs in the backgroundDay 4: Rob from the fairway on #13Day 4: Andy, losing his lead and NOT in the fairway on #13