About the Western Golf Alliance

Founded in 2002, the Western Golf Alliance is an organization of glorious golf traditions, comprised of stout-hearted (and stout drinking) men of courage, valor, and surprising good looks! We exist to further the greatness of this grand sport of golf through the continued improvement of our own golf games, the promotion of golf rules, etiquette, and tradition, and the ability to gather together from time to time for golf events and tournaments (and then talk trash about how well we played).

As you will learn by exploring this site, the Western Golf Alliance is clearly the premier golf organization of the world. Our membership is much more exclusive than the USGA (i.e., we're smaller), we are more personally appealing than Augusta National Golf Club (i.e., we don't wear green jackets), and we speak a language you can understand (i.e., unlike the members of the R&A).

On a more serious note, here is our Board of Directors, Officer, and Regional Governors and structure.

Membership in the Western Golf Alliance is by application that must be endorsed by a current member. Members are expected to be able to support the rules and objectives of the WGA, play golf regularly with other members within their region, and participate in the WGA Open.
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