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Application for Membership

The application process for the Western Golf Alliance is a five step process that proceeds as follows:

1) Submit a preliminary application for membership (below).

2) Receive sponsorship of your application from one existing member. If you include a member name on your application, the sponsorship will be validated.

3) Be screened by an existing member that is not the sponsoring member, which may include a personal interview, and receive that member's endorsement.

4) Once sponsored and endorsed by existing members, immediately receive probationary membership.

5) Attend the next biennial club meeting and be formally accepted into membership.

If you would like to initiate this process, complete the application below.

First and Last Name
Home Street Address
Home Phone
City, State, Zip
Do you currently belong to a golf club, course, or organization?
What is the name of the course where you most often play golf?
eMail Address
Do you currently have a golf handicap/index?
In approximately 100 words, describe your reasons for wishing to join a regional golf club, and what the game of golf has contributed to your life.
Click the spinning ball to submit your application
Name of Sponsoring
Member (if applicable)
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