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The Coveted Pewter Mug

In the storied history of golf, clearly the most common award given for notable achievement has been ... a drinking vessel!!! Various jugs and cups have become icons of golf greatness (and they are eminently more practical than a trophy).

In this grand tradition of golfing excellence, the Western Golf Alliance awards the Coveted Pewter Mug to our Open Champion. The mug is from the very home of golf - Scotland - and was procured by our club at great expense ... actually, this being the 21st century, it was purchased on eBay for $4.25 (but it is truly from Scotland!).

In addition to the glory of receiving the Coveted Pewter Mug, the winner receives the honory title "Alpha Male Golf Champion," and he may engrave his name, the year he won, the location of the tournament, and a brief statement to serve as a reminder of a befitting moment that defined that year's event.

Oh, the glory and splendor of the Coveted Pewter Mug!

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