For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                   July 6, 2022

A Canadian-Californian established as the 2022 Western Golf Alliance Open Favorite
Mike Nadon of Calgary, who snowbirds in Indio, has the shortest odds for this year's event

BOTHELL, Washington.  With oddsmakers recognizing that local SoCal knowledge is key to winning the 2022 Western Golf Alliance Open, the first sports books have released their odds for this year's premier golf event. As usual, the Boar's Head and Thistle Pub, Sports Book, and Cricket Club of London is the first gambling establishment to post official odds, which suggests Mike Nadon is the pre-tournament favorite.

"Though he didn't play in the 2020 WGA Open, Nadon held the 36 hole lead during the 2018 event," said Nigel Smythe, owner and manager of the Boar's Head and Thistle. "Now that Nadon spends several months a year living in southern California, he has the knowledge of local turf and fall weather conditions needed to not only lead, but win this year."

"In 2018, I shot what would have been the lowest score in WGA Open history, if not for someone else actually going even lower," said Nadon. "I am ready to go low again, and this time I do not anticipate anyone else being able to match my performance, eh," he concluded.

In addition to Nadon, the next four of the top five in the odds are full-time SoCal locals who are familiar with courses and coastal conditions in the San Diego area. This includes back-to-back defending champion Brian Gray who is always in contention, long-time SoCal resident Doug Atchison, previous competitor Steven Smith, and Brian Gray's brother Brent. Ranked sixth and already drawing a lot of the early wagering action is Peter McGarry of Oregon, who has played the Torrey Pines courses several times in his life.

In explaining other aspects of his parimutual model, Smythe said "I am very aware that there are several golfers in the field who are just going to be overwhelmed by competing on a US Open course, and dazzled by sunny oceanside views. That makes narrowing the field down to a handful of legit contenders just too easy. If you aren't in the top six in the odds, you'd be better served just focusing on enjoying the local microbrews."

The full odds as posted by the Boar's Head and Thistle are as follows:

Mike Nadon, 5-2
Brian Gray, 3-1
Doug Atchison, 4-1
Steven Smith, 5-1
Brent Gray 6-1
Peter McGarry, 8-1
Mark Taylor, 10-1
Byron Okutsu, 12-1
Tony Baker, 15-1
David Duval, 18-1
Trever Esko, 25-1
Rob Hughes, 30-1
Dan Teodor, 35-1
Big Al Torrico, 100-1
The Remaining "Field", 14-1

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