For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                February 13, 2024

WGA responds to member complaints over tournament prize payouts
Issues continue to be addressed as members consider alternative tournaments

LAS VEGAS.  The Western Golf Alliance Board of Directors took the unusual action today of providing a written statement to members regarding a complaints about tournament prize winnings. The complaints surfaced after the 2023 Tour Series, and warranted a timely response and thus became urgent business during the annual winter meeting occurring at the Arai Resort and Casino.

"The Western Golf Alliance is an open organization, and we want to address issues raised by our members," said Brian Gray, WGA president. "We want to hear about problems, and use our resources to fix them, for the greater good of both WGA members and golfers everywhere."

The principle complaint revolves around the amount of payments, and an expectation that players can receive "guaranteed" money and up-front payments from competing leagues. This issue, of course, is not quite as clearcut and simply money issues, as in most cases players seeking to join an alternative tour would have to choose to set aside all moral alignment to common society, and instead align their lives to corrupt, evil, and downright vial ideals put forward by oligarchical mad-men. In most cases, normal human beings will understand that they should not engage with such organizations, therefore it is assumed that the WGA will be able to resolve the current issues without any defections.

While the written statement that was sent to WGA members is not being officially released to the public, there is no truth to the rumors that it contains the phrases "sniveling, spoiled brats," "worthless prima donnas, or "just be happy you're being payed for playing golf for crying out loud." It might contain the phrases "shut your pie hole" and "act like you gotta pair."

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