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WGA Open Tournaments Rules and Guidelines

This is an abridged version of Section 2 - Rules of Play - that hits the highlights of our rules. If you want full explanations of any rule, or to see other explanations and details, the full rules are located here.

Section 2 Introduction. We want to compete AND have fun. Honestly, the USGA Rules of Golf ... don't always support those goals, and various authorities (The Golf Channel, Harvey Penick, Dustin Johnson) would agree. Therefore, we created some variations that still respect the rules, but also allow amateurs playing ready golf on a public course to enjoy friendly competition.

2.1 - External Parties. While we follow most rules, we are our own authority. Outsiders don't get input. Even with video. Period.

2.2 - Mulligans. Allowed. One per side. Only on drives hit with the driver. You must declare you are using it before leaving the tee, and if you do ... you've used it.

2.3 - Gimmies. Allowed for putts under 42 inches.

2.4 - Maximum Scores. We WILL have a per-hole max score established before the tournament.

2.5 - Replacing Rule 27. It's just unfair! Out of bounds will play as a "lateral water hazard". A lost ball will generally play an a "Ball in Immovable Obstruction Not Found" but with the lost-ball one stroke penalty.

2.6 - Improving Lies. We LIBERALLY allow any damaged ground to play as an "abnormal ground condition".

2.7 - Unplayable Lies. In addition to the three options in the rules, a player may move and place the ball in any closely mown area, no nearer the hole (with a TWO stroke penalty).

2.8 - Avoiding Damage. If a ball is in a place that the player normally WOULD try to play, but doing so may incur damange or injury, the ball may be moved. This does NOT apply to "unplayable" lies or designed waste/desert areas.

2.9 - Inadvertent Minor Infractions. Don't be a jerk!!

2.10 - Wrong Scorecard. If a scorecard is added up wrong, we fix it. There is no penalty or disqualification. It's a golf competition, not a math olympiad. Sheesh.

2.11 - Ugly Equipment. We've covered this.

2.12 - Local Rules. We follow everything else.

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