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David Duval joins the Western Golf Alliance
Former British Open Champ relishes new challenge

BOTHELL, Washington.  The Western Golf Alliance received preliminary indications today that former British Open champion David Duval intends to join the WGA. As with all probationary members, Duval's membership is contingent on his participation in the next Western Golf Alliance Open in August 2006.

"Clearly, David will probably become one of the five most famous golfers in our organization," said Peter McGarry, WGA president. "I have encouraged David to get some practice rounds in before this year's Open."

Since WGA Open standings are based on NET scores in stroke play, the Handicap Committee has gotten to work to ensure Duval's index is accurate. "We've run the numbers, and David's index will be well established before August," said Trever Esko, chairman of the Handicap Committee. "Based on his PGA tour scores, if I had to place odds on the Open right now, I'd say this might be a great chance for Duval to post his first top 10 finish in a major event this century."

However, as defending champ, McGarry was less optimistic about Duval's chances in the WGA Open. "There's pressure, like at a PGA tour event playing to put food on the table in front of millions of fans watching on TV, and then there's real pressure, as in the final round of the WGA Open. I'm sure David will need some time to adjust before being competitive."

David Duval was unavailable to comment personally for this announcement, as he spent the morning posting a 12-over-par 84 at The Masters.

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