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The 2018 Western Golf Alliance Open heads to the great white north
Kimberley/Cranbrook BC selected as first-ever "directors' choice region" Open destination

BOTHELL, Washington.  Today, the Western Golf Alliance announced that the 2018 Western Golf Alliance Open will be played in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, in the Kimberley/Cranbrook BC area. This is the first time the Open will be played in the "Directors' Choice region" of the Western Golf Alliance, and the first time the Open will be played outside the United States.

"As one of the greatest golf events in the west, it was time for us to take our championship to western Canada," said Peter McGarry, WGA president. "The Canadian Rockies will give us a unique mountain-golf experience that will challenge us in new and different ways as golfers."

Besides Kimberley/Cranbrook, the other two finalists were the Tacoma WA area, and Maui Hawaii. In 2015, the Western Golf Alliance amended its bylaws to create the Directors' Choice region, defined as anywhere west of 109.02 W longitude that is not included in another WGA region. It was this change that opened the door for new Open destinations like Maui and western Canada.

"As soon as our board became serious about targeting an outside-the-norm destination, we knew we wanted to put together a great option involving mountain golf in the Canadian Rockies," said Mike Nadon, WGA competition committee chairman. "This area will present a new experience for our competitors, with forest lined fairways, moutain vistas, and altitude influenced yardages. Which by the way will not be in yards, but meters. We couldn't be happier with this decision," added Nadon.

The Western Golf Alliance is known for holding its Open on elite, famous courses that represent the very best golf in "the west". While the WGA does not make a final determination on which courses will be used for the Open at the same time it announces the destination, the competition committee will immediately begin working with the local courses in Kimberley and Cranbrook, especially Wildstone, Shadow Mountain, Trickle Creek, and Bootleg Gap golf courses.

"We know this location will offer a new experience, and that's what makes our biennial Open a great golf event," said McGarry. "We anticipate an amazing and visually stunning competition."

The WGA expects the announcement of the Canadian Rockies area to spur interest in membership, and is prepared for such inquiries. All probationary members that join between now and May 2018 are eligible to qualify for the Western Golf Alliance Open.

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