For Immediate Release                                                                                                                              October 12, 2021

USGA creates window for the WGA Open to be played at Bandon Dunes
Actions comply with previous agreement to negotiate major west coase golf events

BOTHELL WA.  Based on conversations with sources within the USGA, the Western Golf Alliance Board of Directors today confirmed to its members that the series of golf championships planned at Bandon Dunes and announced in July 2021 was specifically structured so that no events will occur in even-numbered years - in deference to the Western Golf Alliance - until 2032.

"Twelve years ago, in 2009, we reached a gentlemen's agreement with the USGA regarding the use of west coast golf courses, and their consideration of our WGA Open schedule," said Peter McGarry, WGA president. "We are glad they have continued to comply with the spirit of that agreement, while still highlighting the amazing golf that exists at Bandon Dunes."

The original discussion between the WGA and USGA involved the use of Pebble Beach for the 2010 US Open. Since then, the organizations have continued to discuss the importance of the use of western venues in even-numbered years for the WGA Open. For this reason, Chambers Bay hosted the 2015 US Open, Pebble Beach hosted the 2019 US Open, and Torrey Pines hosted the 2021 US Open, all in odd-numbered years.

The schedule released by the USGA in July 2021 outlines a whopping 13 events scheduled at Bandon Dunes. However, none of them occur during even numbered years between 2022 (when the WGA Open has already committed to San Diego) and 2032.

"This scheduling window is more than sufficient to allow us, if we wish, to return our WGA Open to Bandon Dunes in the near future," concluded McGarry. "We remain grateful to have a strong partnership with the USGA when it comes to highlighting the greatness of west coast public-access golf."

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